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We are excited to partner with the local art community by featuring artists’ work in our tasting room!  Regional artists are showcased on a rotating basis and each piece is available for purchase.  We are currently featuring the following artists:



Julia Hodgson

Jake Haber

Anthony L. Wiley


Wiley Atelier is the aggregate of my artistic expression and creative energy. My journey into painting started with a class at Temple University back in 1997.


Life has a way of making you rediscover your artistic talents and abilities.  With a gentle nudge by my wife, I took up painting and guitar lessons as therapy after both my grandfather and my best friend passed away in the summer of 2014. 

Most of these works were created while listening to my favorite types of music- Jazz, Electronica and Rock n' Roll Music. Some paintings were planned…sketches and photo references; others were formed from the creative energies in my spirit at that time.

I hope you enjoy my work. 


I am someone who has been hidden a lot of my life, except for in my art.  Art is perhaps the only place I can turn off the fear and the pressure to be someone else.  I can celebrate all parts of my identity- the female, the queer, the scared, the warrior, the artist -- and it's the closest I feel to being a part of a community.  Even writing these words is a way of allowing my art to help me to be myself and to invite you in to this part of who I am.  My personal mission is to spread these feelings of love and self-acceptance.  To celebrate beauty that is missed by others.  I believe art is meant to help us with healing, empowering, and thriving.  

While my training as a psychologist influences my work, it is my own journey trying to better love and better be kind to myself that has made me feel so strongly about the messages in my art.

My art is about empowerment, about recognizing

beauty, about healing ourselves. Sometimes we

need the wisdom of great thinkers and writers, sometimes we need affirmations to repeat to ourselves, and sometimes we just need to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes to thrive.  Everyone has a story and their own struggle. Art can get us through it.


Don’t forget, for one minute, that you are not alone.


You are worthy.

You are beautiful.

You are enough.


With love and compassion,




Bio coming soon.