We are excited to partner with the local art community by featuring artists’ work in our tasting room!  Regional artists are showcased on a rotating basis and each piece is available for purchase.  We are currently featuring the following artists:

Nina Boodhansingh

Bethany Lang

Headway Art Collective


Allentown, Pennsylvania native Nina Boodhansingh received her BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in 2010. Inspired by architectural structures, microscopic images, and the cosmos, Nina’s paintings represent microcosms and macrocosms based on abstract elements of the world. The surface of her work has a tangible texture built with paint, various gel mediums, and polymer varnish. Modeling layers, dimensions, and illusions of space in the painting, the finished pieces suggest self-contained worlds. Evoking a dream-like quality, there is a mood of calmness in each piece.


Nina is a resident artist around the Lehigh Valley.  She has also showcased her work in many exhibitions in the area.  Her craft includes jewelry and card making, as well as miniature and very large canvas works.  You can see her works evolve on Instagram at nina_bood,  on her website at, or shop at


Hello! And welcome to my art collection. My name is Bethany Lang and I am a multi-level aspiring local artist here in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. No matter the medium, I have always had a passion for art and sharing a vision of the world to inspire a deeper connection for one's own journey. I create art as a positive outlook and to reinforce others to live fearlessly, love deepingly and to evoke feelings for adventure. 


I have been creating art ever since I could remember (4-5 years old!) and was inspired by my extraordinary talented grandmother. Most of my pieces are a mix of watercolors, pencil, ink, dutch pours, abstract mixed-media canvases. 

We have partnered with our good friends at

Headway Art Collective to bring you a Crafts & Canvases silent auction gallery.  The gallery pieces and artists rotate each month and Headway Art will donate 10% of the proceeds to a local charity. To bid on a piece, ask your server for an art auction ticket.  Bidding ends the last Saturday of the month and if you're a winner, you'll be contacted.

This March proceeds will be donated to Manna on Main Street  and the gallery features artwork from three women to celebrate Women's History month.  Bidding ends March 27th so head on over and grab a drink and put in your bids!