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Well Crafted Beer Company is devoted to supporting local causes, the environment, and our community.  We recognize the importance of giving back with our time, product, and monetary contributions.  However, we receive a large amount of requests and unfortunately, are not able to support every organization no matter how much we’d like to.  To be considered for a charitable cause or community stewardship, please ensure the organization or event follows the below practices and complete the form.

  1. The event or cause must be based in the Philadelphia area.

  2. The organization should have nonprofit 501(c)3 certification.

  3. Donations are to be picked up from our tasting room in Lansdale, PA during our open hours. (Click here for our address and hours of operation.)

  4. Requests need to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.

  5. Our license prohibits supporting youth and/or school-related events or events held on school properties.

  6. Due to legalities, we are unable to donate beer to events where more than 20% of attendees are under the age of 21.

  7. Unless otherwise agreed upon, Well Crafted Beer Company will not assume liability for an event. The organization must obtain licensing from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to serve alcohol and the organization is responsible for following all local and state laws including checking identification and prohibit serving alcohol to visibly intoxicated people.

If your organization or event complies with our charitable contribution and community stewardship practices, please complete the below form to be considered.