Two rotating draft beer styles are available. Ask your server for details!




Fuzz Lightyear - Double Dry-Hopped Sour Peach Milkshake IPA - 7.1%.

Made with a touch of milk sugar, kettle soured with lactobacillus, conditioned on vanilla beans and a huge amount of peach puree, and then dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Tart, full bodied, and refreshing.


Gourdo - Extra Special Pumpkin Ale - 6%

A long standing part of American brewing tradition, the pumpkin pie flavored beer is a celebrated classic, heralding in the fall season. Made with a cornucopia of spices, infused with pumpkin in the mash and boil, fermented cool with our favorite English ale yeast. The resulting beer has pleasant notes of cinnamon, clove, caramel and rum.



Colonel Forbin - West Coast IPA - 7.2%

Like a long-lost friend, this welcoming and approachable IPA greets with a omnipresent aura of happiness. This helping friendly beer was brewed with pale malt and a touch of light crystal and then completely saturated with a blend of Cascade, Comet, Columbus and Simcoe hops. Dank and crisp with notes of candied citrus, resinous pine, and long walks in the woods.


Glide - IPA - 7.1%

A spelt IPA made with heaps of Simcoe and Nugget hops. Like floating through a sea of clouds, as they pour rivers of fresh Mango and Lychee juice onto a sea of Papaya below. And we're glad glad glad that you'll arrive.


Heygar- IPA - 6.8%

Brewed with a new Kviek yeast strain hailing from the Norwegian countryside.  Tropical and complex, this oaty IPA was crushed with loads of pungent Citra, Sabro, and Idaho 7.  Notes of candied coconut, citrus mango, and dank apricots. 


Hop Monger - IPA - 7.1%

A special version of one of our crowd favorite IPAs, double dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Beautiful and pungent notes of Peach Ring Candy, Meyer Lemon, Champagne mango, and a hint of Pine Sap.



No Disintegrations - Black IPA - 7%

A pillowy soft tropical explosion. Brewed with 2-row and gobs of malted and flaked oats. Loads of Nelson Sauvin, Wai-iti, and Rakau hops lend powerful notes of Cotton Candy grapes, candied Kaffir lime rind, and mystery flavor Airheads. This one will become your all.


Blonde Americano - Blonde Ale with Coffee, Lactose, and Vanilla - 5.8%

 A tasty, eye-opening Blonde Ale. Brewed with lactose and conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla beans and freshly roasted coffee from our friends at Backyard Beans Coffee Company. The blend of rich coffee, fresh vanilla, and smooth milk sugar offer a delicious and inviting experience.


Mother of Perle - Kölsch - 5.5%

An easy drinking ale. We gently hopped this classic German style with Perle hops in the kettle and then fermented it cool for a smooth and approachable drinking experience.



Levitate - Double IPA - 8%

This bold and pungent Double IPA is completely saturated with juicy hop oils. Brewed with spelt and wheat, and aggressively hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, and a humbling touch of Columbus. Notes of citrus cantaloupe, wild blackberries, lime, and birthday cake.



Short Schwarz - Schwarzbier - 5%

An autumnal crusher, this sessionable dark Lager was brewed with the finest Pilsner and Munich malts alongside a blend of roasted malts to give a depth of flavor while maintaining drinkability. Hopped gently with noble Saaz, this beer will leave you pining for the dog days of summer wearing your favorite shorts; short ones of course.



Cirrocumulus - Pale Ale - 5.8%

Pale ale brewed with oats and wheat malt and heavy hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Cascade in the kettle and fermenter. Notes of pineapple, creamsicles, pina coladas, and candied grapefruit clouds.



Flamingo Bonito - Raspberry Berliner Weisse - 6%

A delectable fruited offering that'll have you smiling after each sip! We brewed this tart Berliner Weisse with a bunch of malted wheat, a touch of milk sugar, and conditioned on loads of raspberry purée. Notes of raspberry sorbet, raspberry frozen yogurt, raspberry soda and raspberry.


Key Lime Bombadil - Key Lime Pie Berliner Weisse - 5.8%

Berliner Weisse brewed with Key Lime juice, Lactose, Marshmallows, Vanilla, and Graham Crackers.  "Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Key Lime Bombadillo!"  



JaHefe - Hefeweizen - 4.5%

Our ZeHefe with a twist.  This crisp and refreshing wheat beer was gently hopped with Jarrylo.  Pleasant notes of pear, clove, orange peel and a hint of banana.


Updated 10/28/20

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