Two rotating draft beer styles are available. Ask your server for details!




Black Is Beautiful - Imperial Stout - 10%

Brewed in collaboration with Round Guys Brewing. Nothing embodies beauty in beer more than a stout. Sleek, frothy, and burgeoning with delicate nuances. Best consumed a little warmer than most, best enjoyed at a moment of contemplation. Black is Beautiful. Learn more at blackisbeautiful.beer


Punch In The Pumpkin - Imperial Pumpkin - 8.1%

A bold imperial pumpkin brewed with a special blend of spices and conditioned on fresh Punch in the Face coffee from our friends at Backyard Beans Coffee Company. A seasonal treat to be sure.



Colonel Forbin - West Coast IPA - 7.2%

Like a long-lost friend, this welcoming and approachable IPA greets with a omnipresent aura of happiness. This helping friendly beer was brewed with pale malt and a touch of light crystal and then completely saturated with a blend of Cascade, Comet, Columbus and Simcoe hops. Dank and crisp with notes of candied citrus, resinous pine, and long walks in the woods.


Green Phase 2 *NEW SERIES* - IPA - 7%

The next iteration of the green phase series.  Hopped intensely with Cascade, Idaho Gem, and Mosaic.  Notes of blueberry creamsicle, effervescent grapefruit and trying to understand people talking with a mask on.


Hop Monger - IPA - 7.1%

A special version of one of our crowd favorite IPAs, double dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo. Beautiful and pungent notes of Peach Ring Candy, Meyer Lemon, Champagne mango, and a hint of Pine Sap.


Talking In Cursive - India Pale Lager - 7.1%

Crisp yet juicy, this IPL was cold conditioned and dosed with a hefty load of Centennial, Calypso, and Citra.  Super smooth and crushable.  Careful, or you'll be talking in cursive too! 



South Pacific Punch - Double IPA with Lactose- 8.3%

Creamy and smooth, this Double IPA was transcontinentally hopped with some of our favorite Southern Hemisphere varietals; Wakatu, Motueka, Rakau, Vic Secret, Wai-iti, and Galaxy.  This decadent DIPA has super juicy notes of Key Lime custard, tropical cocktails, cotton candy, pink starbursts, and spectral colors.  



Blonde Americano - Blonde Ale with Coffee, Lactose, and Vanilla - 5.8%

 A tasty, eye-opening Blonde Ale. Brewed with lactose and conditioned on Madagascar Vanilla beans and freshly roasted coffee from our friends at Backyard Beans Coffee Company. The blend of rich coffee, fresh vanilla, and smooth milk sugar offer a delicious and inviting experience.



Tiger Tail - Cream Ale  - 5.3%

A quaffable Cream Ale, brewed with German Pilsner malt, flaked corn, and over 30lbs of Frosted Flakes. This crisp, refreshing beer has notes of doughy sugar cookies, a touch of noble hops, and a fully balanced breakfast.



Business Casual Dry Hopped - Pilsner - 5.8%

A win-win for you and your taste buds! We brewed this Pilsner with the finest imported German pilsner malt and hopped it gently with Saaz. This special version was dry hopped with Wai-iti and Motueka lending a refreshing, subtle splash of lemon-lime delight. Smooth, balanced and approachable. It's still just business, let's keep it casual.


Consummate Professional - Imperial Pilsner - 8.6%

This Imperial Pilsner was brewed for those real pros in mind who know how to keep it professional and make it look easy, at all times.  Brewed  with the finest pilsen malt and hopped gently with Saaz.   Smooth, balanced and way too approachable.



Flamingo Bonito - Raspberry Berliner Weisse - 6%

A delectable fruited offering that'll have you smiling after each sip! We brewed this tart Berliner Weisse with a bunch of malted wheat, a touch of milk sugar, and conditioned on loads of raspberry purée. Notes of raspberry sorbet, raspberry frozen yogurt, raspberry soda and raspberry.


Key Lime Bombadil - Key Lime Pie Berliner Weisse - 5.8%

Berliner Weisse brewed with Key Lime juice, Lactose, Marshmallows, Vanilla, and Graham Crackers.  "Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Key Lime Bombadillo!"  



JaHefe - Hefeweizen - 4.5%

Our ZeHefe with a twist.  This crisp and refreshing wheat beer was gently hopped with Jarrylo.  Pleasant notes of pear, clove, orange peel and a hint of banana.



Mesmeric - Violet Saison with Lemon and Tarragon - 6%

A beautiful and unique Farmhouse ale, dyed in the kettle with Butterfly Pea Flowers and conditioned on a subtle touch of tarragon and lemon juice. This mesmerizing elixir offers a bouquet of lemon, mild licorice, and raw honey.


Updated 9/25/20

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